Prosthodontists are dental specialists who have undergone recognised and professionally organised academic training that gives them comprehensive skills and knowledge to plan and treat more complex dental restorative challenges. The specialist training develops the ability to carefully examine new knowledge and concepts and to ensure that proven evidence-based care standards are adhered to where possible. This additional training is designed to address a range of rehabilitative issues, from smiles and appearance to the rehabilitation of broken-down teeth and returning dental function to patients with few or no teeth.

The aim is to ensure that the patient receives superior long-term results instead of a ‘quick fix’ approach that might break down prematurely or even damage teeth and gums.

Prosthodontists also play a role in the diagnosis of complex cases requiring care by specialists from other disciplines, such as Orthodontists (Braces), Endodontists (root canal treatment), Periodontists (gum treatment and implants) and Oral Surgeons (implants). We work closely with our specialist and general dentist colleagues to ensure your care is smooth and always in the best hands New Zealand has to offer.

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